Spring Boot 2 Training



This training aims to allow you to master the Spring framework as well as Spring Boot.

French / English

15 Days


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Next session : August


Spring Boot makes it extremely easy to start, configure, and deploy a Spring project. With its autoconfiguration capabilities based primarily on dependency management, it allows developers to focus on their business issues rather than technical configuration and integration issues. Embedded in an on-board
servlet container, Spring Boot applications are simple Java applications that you just have to start. This new type of packaging simplifies the production of applications to the extreme.
In this sense, Spring Boot applications are part of the DevOps approach. And are very suitable for microservice architectures.


Spring Boot Level 1


Building microservice with Spring Boot

Training Program

1- Intro & Understanding few key concepts
Spring Boot Overview The N-Tier Architecture Dependency Injection Explained
2- Setting Up Spring Boot
Initializr & Bootstrapping
3- N-Tier (Data Access - DAO Layer)
Creating User model DAO interface Creating fake DAO and database using a Map Implementing DAO interface
4- N-Tier (Service Layer)
Creating Service layer and refactor DAO interface Dependency Injection with Spring Lets Implement the business logic
5- Unit Tests & Mocking with Mockito
Simple Unit Test Writing tests for DAO Mocking Objects with Mockito Mockito BDD - Given, When and Argument Captor
6- N-Tier (Restful Api Layer)
Spring Boot and Web Servers overview HTTP GET Request Configuring REST end point paths Path Variables Response Entity & HTTP Response Codes HTTP POST Requests Postman Overview HTTP POST, @RequestMapping & Consuming JSON HTTP PUT Requests HTTP Delete Requests Query Params Query Params & Filtering Improve Test Code Coverage @Consumes and @Produces Configuring what server Consumes from clients and Produces to clients
7- Jackson Fasterxml
Jackson overview Immutable Objects and @JsonProperty Changing JSON property names with getters & @JsonProperty Computed JSON properties @JsonIgnore
8- JAX-RS & Resteasy
Spring MVC Alternatives Resteasy starter pom Simple endpoint using Reasteasy Example: Switch User resource to user JaxRS annotations Testing UserResourseResteasy enpoint Jersey support with spring-boot-starter-jersey
9- Resteasy Client API
Understanding Integration tests Reateasy Client API Creating proxy interface Creating proxy using @Bean Spring Boot property files and @Value
10- Integration Tests
Spring Boot Integration tests Web Environment Simple Integration Test Create user Integration Test Delete User Integration Test Update user Integration Test
12- Java Bean Validation
Sending empty object to server Handling nulls with Objects.requireNonNull Java Beans Validation Annotations Activate the validations
12- Buildpack and Deployment
Generating the target folder Running the .jar file Overriding property files from terminalcmd Cloud providers solutions
13- Conclusion


All the exercises have as a common thread the creation of a
complete Web server in Spring with user management, display of HTML pages and

Running a Spring Boot Application Using Spring CLI
Creation of a web application
SpringData Rest: The elaboration of Rest API (HATEOAS) with Spring Data Rest discussions
Spring MVC: Mini web application with Thymeleaf, security implementation
Spring MVC REST: REST controller developments. Jackson annotations and serialization issues. The DTO patter and ObjectMappers
Spring and Tests: Unit tests and mock objects, Integration tests with Tomcat and embedded HSQL, JSON serialization tests
Actuator: Implementation of Actuator
Setting up Web and Rest controllers, Spring Boot configuration
Implementation of Spring Boot Actuator


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